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Is reading Quran without wudu permissible (by touching it)?

Taharah or major purity is an obligation upon every adult Muslim before any act of worship. Then is reading quran without wudu permitted (by touching it)? Is it allowed to touch mushaf of Quran without wudu? how about reciting it […]

Methodology of teaching Quran recitation & memorization

Although there are several ways and methods to teach Qur’an recitation & memorization, here we present to you one of those effective ways in detail. THE GENERAL ADVICE Allah, the Most Exalted, has chosen you to carry His Book as […]

Important advice to those who are memorizing Quran

The following are some important and necessary guidelines which, if taken seriously, will hopefully ease the memorization of the Qur’an: 1) Your intention should be pure that is your memorization of the Qur’an should solely be for the sake of […]

General advice to students memorizing Qur’an

Dear student, You have been especially chosen by Allah and granted the success to begin memorizing His Book. You must realize that in the beginning this task will not be easy. It will require you to be patient and make […]