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Madinah Qur’an Academy provides exclusive educational services related to the learning of Qur’an which includes learning to recite it, learning to memorize it, learning the Arabic grammar and learning Tafseer of it. These courses are available for everyone from around the world irrespective of their language background.

Our Tutor hiring process is very stringent and the one who applies for it has to go through many rounds of interview before joining our Academy. This process ensures that only quality education is imparted to the students. The Tutors who teach Tafseer and Arabic Grammar of Qur’an are qualified scholars from Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. Most of them being graduates of Jamia Islamia, Madinah University.

The following are three different sets of courses currently available at our Academy:

Qur’an Recitation Course

Recitation of Qur’an includes correcting pronunciation (Makharij) of Arabic alphabets, applying proper tajweed rules and using proper qira’a. This is achieved by extensively practicing the same.

Beginners: Those who would like to learn the recitation from scratch, i.e. from the Alphabets and the making-up of words including Introduction to the Alphabets, Training of correct pronunciation of letters, and word formation with Alphabets.

Intermediate: Those who know how to read but need to improve on fluency, remove pauses and stammering while reciting like Training of correct pronunciation of alphabets, Improving fluency in word formation, and Introduction to Important Tajweed Rules

Advanced: For those who have fluency but require corrections in Articulation points and learn the advanced Rules of Tajweed like Correction of any pronunciation mistakes in alphabets, Implementation of Important Tajweed Rules, and Introduction to Advanced Tajweed Rules and their Implementation.

Qur’an Memorization Course

Memorization course is essentially for those people who can recite Qur’an properly that is with proper Makharij and Tajweed. One must not go for memorizing Qur’an unless the recitation is smooth and proper. Many people tend to neglect this important aspect of memorization and because of this negligence, many end up memorizing Qur’an with loads of recitation mistakes which then cannot be rectified or it becomes very difficult to rectify it.

Qur’an memorization course includes professional help to memorize by following proper and most effective ways, ways to retain the memorized part of Qur’an and ways to increase or decrease the pace of memorization. It also includes regular revision of the memorized part which is taken by our Tutors on regular basis.

Generally, memorization takes a lot of dedication, discipline and determination to reach its goal unlike the recitation course. One may find it tough in the initial days of the course, but gradually one gets comfortable with it.

Those who are interested in memorizing the Glorious Qur’an, please fee free to apply for a seat in our Academy.

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