Our Faculty

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The team at Madinah Qur’an Academy consists of Tutors/Mentors/Scholars from various parts of the world, including the City of Prophet, the Holy city of Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. Our Quran tutors are certified professionals who have Ijaazah (permission) to teach and train people in Qur’an Recitation and memorization.

Besides being qualified professionals in teaching Qur’an, our team has extensive experience in teaching people coming from different backgrounds and cultures. These tutors are from different parts of the world and can speak multiple languages in order to cater to vast audience. We also have Tutors who are specially trained to teach young children (aged 5 to 10) and can create a comfortable environment for them so that your children can learn Qur’an without hesitation.

Tutor Hiring Process

Our Tutor hiring process is very stringent and the one who applies for it has to go through many rounds of interview before joining our Institute. They get accepted only after a team of experts in the field from Al Madinah approve them. This process ensures that only quality education is imparted to the students. The Tutors who teach Tafseer and Arabic Grammar of Qur’an are qualified scholars. Most of them being Islamic graduates from Al Madinah.

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